Carol Singing Festival 2022

20th December,2022 – Before the Christmas, the K2 and K3 students of our school will participate in “Carol Singing Festival 2022” Christmas performances at Shatin New Town Plaza.


12月20日 – 聖誕節前夕,本園低班及高班學生將前往沙田新城市廣場參與「聖誕頌歌節2022」活動,藉此讓幼兒參與多元化的表演活動。

“K3 children visit The Mills” Activity

30th November,2022 – In order to match the picture book “Tom the Dress Maker”, our  school will arrange a visit to The Mills-CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textiles) , make good use of the resources of the community to let children learn the historical stories and arts of textiles, and appreciate the ever-changing expression techniques and artworks of textile materials.

K2 Parent-Child Outdoor Learning Activity

2nd December,2022 – K2’s parents and children will visit the Tai Po Waterfront Park to learn the importance of obeying the rules; and  will also visit The Spiral Lookout Tower together to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tolo Harbour, in order to learn to appreciate the place where we live.

K3 Parent-Child Outdoor Learning Activity

24th November,2022 ” K3 Parent-Child Outdoor Learning Activity” parents and children are going to visit the indoor reptile house in Tuen Mun Park for observing the rare insects and teachers will also introduce the various facilities of Tuen Mun Park, let children know even disabled children can experience the fun of playing the slide and cultivate their caring attitude.

K1 Parent-Child Outdoor Learning Activity

18th November,2022 ” K1 Parent-Child Outdoor Learning Activity” will be held in Jordan Valley Park, it gives the chance for the K1’s parents and children to run out of the classroom to explore and experience nature together so as to broaden the field of study, cultivate the interest in learning and enjoy the fun of group games.

The Opening News

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Introduction of our school – Kidzzmo

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Smart Parents Introduction to TKK Kindergarten

In the vol.591 of “Smart Parents”, our school was recommended. It introduced our school’s characters and educational aspirarion. We hope to create a comfortable learning environment for children Let’s take a look at the contents