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Regarding the Parents Observation Activity

The Parents Observation Activity will be held in April to May, please refer to the note given later. The date of the Parents Observation Activity: K1: 7/5, 8/5 or 9/5 K2: 23/4 or 25/4 K3: 29/4 or 30/4


Regarding the ” Environmental-friendly Art Carnival” Activity

Easter is coming, our school will organize an ” Environmental-friendly Art Carnival” on 23rd March,2024 (Saturday) to promote environmental protection messages to parents and children, cultivate them to learn the concept of waste recycling and increase quality of parent-child time between parents and children. “Welcome to all parents with children under 6 years old to join.”


Regarding the Parent-child Adaptation Activities for 2024/25 School Year

Children can enjoy coming to school and reduce their fear to the new environment by diversified activities provided by our school. This can also establish a strong relationship between children, parents and the school. The following are the details of the activities. 6th February- Parent-Child Chinese New Year Carnival (Thank you for your active participation) 23rd March- Parent-Child Environmental-friendly Art Carnival 26th April- Parent-Child Physical Activity 31st May- Parent-Child Music Activity 8th June- Parent-Child Art Activity 6th July- Parent-Child Storytelling and Rhythm Activity

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